Becoming a yoga teacher and trainer – Quick Guide

The world is getting health conscious like never before due to changing lifestyle, health, and diseases. Yoga is the ancient solution for various health issues and achieving peace of mind. Yoga has become a popular career choice nowadays since more and more people are keen to learn yoga.

Yoga teacher training

Following are the important steps to be followed for becoming a yoga teacher:

  • Learning yoga: The first and most important thing for a yoga teacher is to learn and practice different yogic styles regularly. The person must also acquire good knowledge of yoga, its history and how it has evolved over time. This can be achieved by self-study and yoga practice. At least, some comfort with basic yoga asanas must be achieved before going for the teacher training.

Yoga Teacher training Rishikesh

  • Yoga teacher certification: After basic familiarity with yoga, you are eligible for yoga teacher training.The yoga teacher training certification from a Yoga Alliance certified institute is must for starting a career as a yoga instructor. There are many institutes which provide 200 hours, 300 hours and 500 hours yoga teacher training courses. 200 hours yoga teacher training certification is a good point to start.

200 hour yoga teacher training

  • Getting Registration: After getting certification from a Yoga Alliance accredited institute, aspiring yoga teachers can apply for Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) credential set by Yoga Alliance. While it is voluntary in nature, most yoga studios and training facilities prefer RYT registered instructors. Even after getting that, never stop working on your skillset as a yoga teacher.

Above are the 3 most important steps for starting your journey as a registered yoga teacher and building a career in yoga field. Since India is the birthplace of yoga, the country is favored across the world for learning yoga and teacher training. Here are the top 5 yoga teacher training centers in India for our readers.

Yoga teacher retreat

Also, check out the upcoming 200 hour yoga teacher training events in India and start your journey towards superior health and peace of mind.

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