Hatha Yoga Practice & Teacher Class at Ekattva, Rishikesh

Hatha yoga practice is the core of Ekattva’s 200 hours yoga TTC program, and thus it conducts Hatha Yoga Practice and Alignment & Adjustment Session under its much renowned 200 hour yoga teacher training course. In the ongoing yoga TTC course, this session is conducted by Rohit Kamboj, who is considered as one of the best hatha yoga teachers in Rishikesh, India.

Hatha yoga is the physical practice of yoga postures. Hatha yoga practices are designed to calm your mind and body. This is one of the reasons why Ekattva Yogshala emphasizes greatly on hatha yoga practice and has joined hands with best teachers in Rishikesh for conducting 200 hours yoga TTC classes.

hatha yoga practise Rishikesh

This session includes 90 minutes of extensive classroom training and practice. The students get ample opportunity for learning and discuss queries related to the session. There is a Doubts session also where yoga students can ask any query related to the hatha yoga practice. Check out Ekattva’s YouTube channel.

At Ekattva Yogshala, Hatha Yoga class is available as part of the 200 Hour TTC curriculum as well as independent practice module. Call +91 84470 45597 to inquire about Hatha yoga practice and classes at Ekattva, Rishikesh.


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